Scriptural Reflection on Hope


janice devine pastor for living hope church from project compassion

Rev. Janice Devine B.S., M. Div

Co-Pastor Living Hope Church Endicott, New York

About this Video

This video describes what the scriptures offer to those at the end of life. Two scriptures, in particular, offer promises and give us reason to have faith and hope. Through faith, hope, and love we can have peace and purpose. These readings are meant to help aid those in their suffering and guide them with the spiritual truths of Christianity.


About this Speaker

Rev. Janice Devine and her husband, Rev. Dr. Tim Devine are the Pastors at Living Hope Church in Endicott, NY. Living Hope Church was founded in 1906, as the First Presbyterian Church of Endicott. It has stood since then as a continual source of hope and help for the village of Endicott, NY.

Key Concepts

  • Understanding Psalm 23
  • An Interpretation of The First letter of Saint Paul to the Corinthians
  • A discussion of Faith, Hope, and Love in the context of end-of-life