Understanding Palliative Care


Paul Fiacco, M.D. - Medical Director and Co-Founder
Melissa Buttner, P.A., Cand. M. Div. - Consultant

About this Video

This video introduces the scope of primary palliative care's treatment of patients and their families and describes the coordination of primary palliative care with the palliative care delivered by specialists. It also discusses holistic care that medical providers can deliver in collaboration with pastoral care ministers. This holistic approach integrates the physical, emotional, and spiritual care that seriously ill patients and their families should benefit from.



Introduction : (0:00)

Goals of Video : (1:00)

Defining Primary Palliative Care: (1:39)

Collaborative Approach: (3:30)

Importance of Primary Palliative Care: (4:55)

Ideal timeline of Primary Palliative Care: (6:30)

Scope of Primary Palliative Care: (8:16)

Benefits of Primary Palliative Care: (10:50)

Three Pillars of Palliative Care: (11:53)

Physical Pillar: (12:28)

Emotional Pillar: (15:46)

Spiritual Pillar: (18:19)

Collaborative Approach: (21:52)

Role of Pastoral Care Minister: (22:47)

Conclusion: (23:51)

Key Concepts

  • What is Primary Palliative Care
  • Why Primary Palliative Care Matters
  • Timeline of Primary Palliative Care
  • What is the scope of Primary Palliative Care
  • What are the benefits of Primary Palliative Care
  • Discussion of the pillars of Palliative Care
  • What is the role of the Pastoral Care Minister


  • When can Palliative Care Start
  • Scope of Primary Palliative Care