Peace for those at End-of-Life


Fr. John Nepil
Vice Rector & Professor at St. John Vianney Seminary in Denver, CO

About this Video

This video describes what Jesus offers to those at the end of life. Its purpose is to give peace and hope for someone preparing to die and to help aid them in their suffering with the spiritual truths of Christianity.


About this Speaker

Father John Nepil is a priest of Denver, Colorado, and a member of the priestly association of the Companions of Christ. Having finished a doctorate in dogmatic theology at the Pontifical University of Santa Croce in Rome, he is now vice-rector and a member of the academic and formation faculty of St. John Vianney Theological Seminary in Denver.


Introduction : (0:00)
Peace for those at End-of-Life : (0:30)
Your Life is a Story : (3:55)
Understanding the Journey of Life : (6:38)
Salvation History : (10:08)
Reality of Things : (16:04)
Hope : (24:50)

Key Concepts

  • Introduction
  • Understanding the Journey of Life
  • Acceptance of God’s mercy
  • How God doesn’t desire but can give purpose and means to suffer
  • Devotion to the Blessed Mother as a helper & friend in the end 
  • God accompaniment with you in suffering and death. 

Resource Links

  • Fr. John’s Story - A troubled teen in high school, Fr John tells his story of his encounter with Jesus and his calling to the priesthood. Filmed in a breathtaking landscape of the Rocky Mountains, he gives his testimony as he ascends one of Colorado’s 14ers.

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