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saint marianne cope her light still shines patron saint of hope and healing end of life care training by project compassion

About Us

Project COMPASSION is an acronym for Coordination of Medical, Palliative, and Spiritual Support In Our Neighborhoods. It provides a series of videos from experts to guide patients and their families for the end-of-life.  Project COMPASSION began as conversations between Dr. Paul Fiacco and Father Charles Vavonese over concerns that end-of-life discussions with seriously ill patients are occurring late when the patient is hospitalized and nearing the end-of-life.  They concluded that these conversations needed to be initiated earlier in the patient’s illness and should include spiritual and emotional components.  These casual conversations developed into a series of presentations and written articles dealing with this holistic approach, which includes a collaboration of primary palliative care and pastoral care. To further increase visibility and reach, a grant was funded by the Mother Cabrini Healthcare Foundation.  This grant funding has allowed for Project COMPASSION to develop videos and a website to support this holistic approach and provide patient and family resources. 

Our mission is:

  1. To provide spiritual and emotional guidance to assist seriously ill patients and their families alleviate some of their burden.  The project also provides guidance for Catholic moral-medical decision-making.  
  2. To enhance the quality of social networks given to patients by enabling parish ministers to receive appropriate training to enable them to visit palliative care patients in their homes.

We hope that you will find these resources helpful.

Contact Us

Should you wish to contact us, you may do so at: [email protected]